Plexus Stories
Plexus Success Stories

Plexus Success Stories

More than a sales pitch,
these are real-life successes.

  • The Hayes Company-Insulation

    "Honestly, the software is great, but I just can't tell people enough about the consulting. Plexus' consultants help you make it 1,000 times better." 

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  • Crosby Plumbing

    "I would recommend Plexus to help improve processes for any field service business."

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  • Fluid Interiors

    "Anytime we have best practice conversations, Plexus is always right there in the forefront."

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  • Reliant Group

    "Our employees can now see what their cost is when they are doing a project. It has also helped with dispatching when we deal with customers on certain projects."

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  • Spectrum Workplace

    "For firms that have large clients, there's a lot of money you can save by using the system the right way."


Spectrum Workplace
Philadelphia, PA

"[Plexus] replaced our business process. We realized that it was allowing us to change our process for the better. We really started to not redefine our business processes, but to totally rewrite them."

- Charles Zulli, Director of Operations



Improved Customer Engagement

Plexus' Customer Portal provided real-time access for their customers to check up on jobs and submit new work orders

Best Practices

the customizeable workflow rules in Plexus helped Spectrum's teams develop and maintain their best practices


Spectrum's expanding client relationships required revamped customer engagement and business processes to create a more efficient workflow.

Spectrum is a workplace solutions firm with a fifty-year history of providing customer-centric service for education, healthcare, government, and commercial industries. They required a client management system that could keep up with the needs of larger clients. Additionally, their business model was defined by a set of documented processes that were difficult to track and control, even utilizing traditional project management software. Plexus helped Spectrum alter their business processes based on how they actually worked and allowed them to be regularly engaged with their customers.


Plexus transformed Spectrum's business processes by efficiently tracking relevant data.

Spectrum had previously hired consultants to develop a series of flowcharts which defined their processes. They then looked to Plexus to implement and enforce these processes. However, after months of using Plexus, Spectrum realized that following the business process built into Plexus was more efficient than their developed business process. They utilized Plexus' project management functionality to capture and control business information in a central place. This provided a framework and foundation for understanding their workflow which allowed the leadership team to rebuild business processes from the ground up, based on what was actually happening.


Plexus allows Spectrum to have truly effective logistics.

Spectrum's Director of Operations stated that the best explanation of Plexus is the definition of logistics, which is "the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies." Plexus allows Spectrum to coordinate the many aspects of their jobs, from the simplest to the most complex.