Features to Build With.

Most service companies use multiple software
solutions in their end-to-end process, but with
Plexus you have everything in one central hub.



See the Future.
In Real Time.


Track your sales opportunities and related forecasts with automatic updates from your estimates and work orders.



Estimate Labor

Our automated labor estimation tool brings your knowledge to bear for every employee writing every estimate.


Build all your orders, estimates, pricing, scheduling and documents in the same place. Once. And for all.




Know Your Labor

Our real-time capacity overview will show how much available manpower you have so you can see when to fit in something new.

Plan for Real Life to Happen.

Things change. Our communication system automatically texts employees when their schedules change.




Book Time.

In the field, our mobile interface captures your location and your hours worked, and assigns it to the job you're on. Plexus also determines the correct pay rate (standard, overtime, etc.) based on the type of job being worked (normal, prevailing wage, etc.). Now, every hour is accounted for.

Record & Recoup.

Collect mileage, travel expenses, etc. using your tablet or smartphone. Photograph receipts and tie them to your orders for historical documentation and auditing purposes, supporting reimbursement.

Know Your Costs.

You make better decisions when you see clearly. Keep track of your estimated vs. actual costs in real time. Expenses can be passed through to the customer or solely applied to your job's cost. Plexus also tracks a separate cost called "Sales Cost", which can be useful to support various sales commission structures.




Track Issues and
Punch Lists.


Monitor problems related to every aspect of your operation. Capture photos and notes of what's still left to do as you walk the job site. Then review all these issues in a single report.



Bill Progressively.

Larger jobs often need to be billed periodically before they're fully complete. Plexus allows you to progress-bill customers as well as bundle several orders into a single invoice, helping you get paid when you need to.

Invoice with Ease.

Invoicing your customers should not be difficult. Plexus makes the invoicing process simple by facilitating signature and payment capture for on-site collection, and automatic email distribution of invoices for customers that you collect from later.




Integrate with QuickBooks.

When an invoice or vendor bill is saved, Plexus updates QuickBooks Online in real time. We also integrate with QuickBooks desktop. Because it's quicker.