Plexus Success Stories

Plexus Success Stories

More than a sales pitch,
these are real-life successes.

The Hayes Company

"Honestly, the software is great, but I just can't tell people enough about the consulting. Plexus' consultants help you make it 1,000 times better." 


- Zac Hayes


Their Five Divisions Needed Streamlined Processes

Since their beginning in 1978, The Hayes Company's goal has been to provide the highest quality insulation and other building products to their customers. Throughout the last 40 years, Hayes has added multiple divisions and multiple lines within those divisions. Each addition meant a new process had to be created. They were managing hundreds of different processes within their company, which had become too much. Things began to fall through the cracks. Plexus has streamlined their business processes so that all the information they need for all their divisions and lines are all centrally located and easy to access.

  • Quoting

    In the past, the Hayes Company's salespeople would pass on some sales because their old quoting system was too difficult with complex jobs. Some salespeople reported not giving out 10-20k worth of quotes a year because of the difficulty of their old process. Now their streamlined processes with Plexus allow them to get quotes out in a few minutes and with optional upgrades, allowing them to upsell more effectively. More efficient quoting has led to more sales and growth.

  • Reporting

    Hayes' fireplace division was all paper work orders and paper records. Rooms full of filing cabinets. They had figured out how to job cost electronically but there was a lot of paper trails and duplicate hand writing of information to get accurate numbers. Pricing was difficult, and it was a constant battle for their reps to obtain information on how to price certain applications or products. Hayes worked with Plexus to redesign their processes and implement them into the software. Plexus now allows them to build orders and quotes with ease, increasing productivity of their reps.