Making the Complex Simple

For more than 20 years.


1. An integrated network.

2. A brand for a solid, mature software built for the service industry.

The Usage Profile

Prior to Plexus: Clients were using Excel, Dropbox, and emails to piece together their processes.


Plexus provides a premiere software solution
for small to mid-size service companies.

Plexus fits companies with:



Comparative perspective:

Simpler, Cookie-Cutter Software can be good for Small Companies (1-10 employees) with limited needs.

Customizable, Process-Oriented Software can undergird companies as they grow in size and volume. Plexus has an extensive range of features and customization that can be molded to fit the uniqueness of each customer.

Plexus clients have an
average of:



Our Nationwide Reach

We have companies who have been with PLEXUS since 2002.


Our Technological Milestones