Plexus Stories
Plexus Success Stories

Plexus Success Stories

More than a sales pitch,
these are real-life successes.

  • The Hayes Company-Insulation

    "Honestly, the software is great, but I just can't tell people enough about the consulting. Plexus' consultants help you make it 1,000 times better." 

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  • Crosby Plumbing

    "I would recommend Plexus to help improve processes for any field service business."

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  • Fluid Interiors

    "Anytime we have best practice conversations, Plexus is always right there in the forefront."


  • Reliant Group

    "Our employees can now see what their cost is when they are doing a project. It has also helped with dispatching when we deal with customers on certain projects."

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  • Spectrum Workplace

    "For firms that have large clients, there's a lot of money you can save by using the system the right way."

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Fluid Interiors
Minneapolis, MN

"The other thing that it does very well is estimated job costing. A lot of software will let you do it, but they are cumbersome. Plexus is easy, not cumbersome."

- Steve Schmaltz, VP of Finance



Best Practices

The customizable workflow rules in Plexus helped Fluid's teams develop and maintain their best practices.

Job Costing

Fluid Interiors is able to capture their true costs with ease with Plexus' Job Costing.


Fluid Interiors' dynamic business practices in a highly competitive market needed accurate, thorough, and automated costing and accounting features.

Fluid Interiors is an award-winning furniture dealer, interior designer, and facility services firm. In order to handle their complex jobs more effectively, Fluid's staff needed a dependable tool with sophisticated job costing features to handle complex projects. Because of the volume of accounts they manage, Fluid needed to optimize their time and resources with a system that is easy to use and avoids unnecessary steps.


The dramatic reduction in manual data entry saves Fluid Interiors' time and effort.

Plexus contains the full scope of Fluid's job costing needs - including usage costs for owned equipment, time and materials tracking, wage variation, and job costing estimation - while still remaining quick and intuitive. Plexus transformed Fluid's process for capturing equipment usage costs by standardizing owned equipment costing and eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. This simplified Fluid's accounting while allowing them to communicate the true cost effectively.


Realistic job costing scenarios in the system offer confidence in determining actual labor costs.

Fluid's VP of Finance found that through Plexus they were able to do realistic job cost estimation and tracking. This was because they were able to automatically post labor time against jobs and be reminded to incorporate less obvious expenses into job costing. This information allowed Fluid to accurately determine costs and make more informed business decisions.