Celebrating 20 Years

From a basement to offices...
From a handful of features to a complete system...
We are Plexus, and this is our story.


  • 1997

    The Founders

    Sean Clouse saw the need in the professional service industry for software that could quickly and intelligently estimate and manage jobs. Out of his basement, Sean and his brother Stephen began building an internet-based work order management system, a cloud system before they were even named cloud systems.

  • 1999

    "IQ Coordinator"

    The software was renamed IQ Coordinator, which stood for "Intelligent Quoting". The company was then renamed The IQ Group.

    Eric Simon came on as Lead Developer.

    IQ launched just months after Google.

  • 2000

    IQ Coordinator
    Takes 1st Place

    IQ Coordinator won the Innovative Award for computer software automation at NeoCon 2000.


    IQ Coordinator was recognized for automated quoting and work order management process.

    "From quotes to work order to scheduling to invoicing reports, IQC is simply the best," said Bill Wagner, Project Manager for Scott Rice Office Works, an early adopter of IQ.

  • 2000-06

    Growth & Development

    2000 The team grew to include Robert Wassergord, Brian Gharst, Tim Wilson, Shawn Walker, and a handful of others.
    2001After outgrowing a warehouse space, the team moved into offices and hired additional staff to handle the growth.
    2004IQ began to expand its functionality into scheduling and inventory tracking.
    2006The need emerged for IQ to become an all-inclusive, end-to-end system, prompting a 5-year redesign of the system. The team shifted into a virtual environment.

  • 2011

    New Owner

    Shifting his role from CIO to Owner, Eric Simon bought IQ Coordinator, leading the software into the next stage of development. Sean Clouse launched a new company to champion the sales and support of IQ into the industry of his expertise, the office furniture world, to ensure its growth and success.

  • 2012-16

    In four years, the number of clients more than doubled, and recurring client subscriptions grew by more than 500%.

    IQ becomes available on all devices.

Eric hires Avodah Design to rebrand IQ as Plexus and design a modern user-interface. The team also reveals its new, robust product ordering system. Plexus had already transformed the services space by centralizing and streamlining processes; the addition of the product ordering system enables more service companies to bring all of their major processes from beginning to end into the single intelligent workspace of Plexus. With its new, modern interface, Plexus is easier and more intuitive to learn, and it works on all major devices.

Plexus ('plek səs)

1. An integrated network.

2. A name which captures 20 years of development to provide the professional service industry with a solid and mature software.

The Usage Profile

Prior to Plexus: Clients were using Excel, Dropbox, and emails to piece together their processes.



Plexus provides a premiere software solution
for small to mid-size service companies.
Plexus fits companies with:



Comparative perspective:

Simpler, Cookie-Cutter Software can be good for Small Companies (1-10 employees) with limited needs.

Customizable, Process-Oriented Software can undergird companies as they grow in size and volume. Plexus has an extensive range of features and customization that can be molded to fit the uniqueness of each customer.

Plexus clients have an
average of:



Our Nationwide Reach

We have companies who have been with PLEXUS since 2002.


Our Technological Milestones