Plexus Stories
Plexus Success Stories

Plexus Success Stories

More than a sales pitch,
these are real-life successes.

  • The Hayes Company-Insulation

    "Honestly, the software is great, but I just can't tell people enough about the consulting. Plexus' consultants help you make it 1,000 times better." 

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  • Crosby Plumbing

    "I would recommend Plexus to help improve processes for any field service business."

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  • Fluid Interiors

    "Anytime we have best practice conversations, Plexus is always right there in the forefront."

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  • Reliant Group

    "Our employees can now see what their cost is when they are doing a project. It has also helped with dispatching when we deal with customers on certain projects."


  • Spectrum Workplace

    "For firms that have large clients, there's a lot of money you can save by using the system the right way."

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Reliant Group
Tukwila, WA

"Plexus support is very customer oriented. If there is an issue or a problem, it is addressed right away. If I have a question, even if they are not able to give an answer right away, I am still notified that they are working on it and there is always a follow-up."

- Michelle Weber, Project Coordinator




increasing on-the-job accuracy and efficiency in the back office enabled Reliant to expand and hire a sales team

Job Costing

the ease and thoroughness of Plexus' job costing allowed Reliant to capture their true costs


Spreadsheets, emails, and manual forms were no longer sufficient for keeping up as Reliant responded to their customers' needs.

Reliant Group is a fast-growing service provider with a multifaceted service portfolio including commercial moving, furniture installation, procurement, and IT services. The expanse of their services requires highly detailed and extensive logistical management. From its founding, Reliant managed logistics through a series of spreadsheets, documents, emails, and manual forms. In order to grow, they needed to shift their focus toward an efficient project management system. They chose Plexus to centralize their business process and company data, which reduced redundant communication and integrated information that was previously fragmented. By eliminating some of the operational burdens, they increased project quantity, responded more effectively to customers, and brought on new clients more rapidly.


The company grew from 50 employees to 100 in less than two years while utilizing Plexus' integrated system.

Plexus' Project Management functionality integrates work orders, scheduling, projected and actual hours, task management, and labor costs, allowing employees to be more knowledgeable of their own profitability. This knowledge has empowered Reliant's teams to take ownership of projects and incentivize them to work more efficiently. The centralization of information and increased accessibility to the information made it possible for Reliant to more readily respond to their customers' needs, increasing their capacity to take on new projects, and fostering quick growth.


Reliant's increased efficiency allowed them to hire a sales team.

Plexus' job costing feature enabled Reliant to accurately track the full range of expenses, from materials to labor. The loaded costs created such efficiency and precision that the company was able to not only hire a sales team for the first time, but also to determine their commissions based on actual margins. Prior to using Plexus, Reliant was dependent on their owner to divide his time between leading the company and sales. With their new, streamlined system, Reliant brought on experienced sales people to reach out to potential clients and gain new business, allowing the owner to focus on strategic direction and leadership.