Plexus Stories
Plexus Success Stories

Plexus Success Stories

More than a sales pitch,
these are real-life successes.

  • The Hayes Company-Insulation

    "Honestly, the software is great, but I just can't tell people enough about the consulting. Plexus' consultants help you make it 1,000 times better." 

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  • Crosby Plumbing

    "I would recommend Plexus to help improve processes for any field service business."


  • Fluid Interiors

    "Anytime we have best practice conversations, Plexus is always right there in the forefront."

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  • Reliant Group

    "Our employees can now see what their cost is when they are doing a project. It has also helped with dispatching when we deal with customers on certain projects."

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  • Spectrum Workplace

    "For firms that have large clients, there's a lot of money you can save by using the system the right way."

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Crosby Plumbing
Basehor, KS

"The Plexus team has been amazing to work with. Their customer support is always available to answer questions we may have, especially for those employees that struggle with being technologically savvy. All of our employees have found the system to be helpful in making our business run more effectively and efficiently."

- Jessica Schultz, Office Manager




Plexus' Scheduling module allows Crosby Plumbing to effectively use their greatest asset. Their people.

Efficient Job Management

Plexus' Orders module allows Crosby Plumbing's crews to be led automatically through the process for each job.


From Quadruple Entry to Streamlined Processes and now turning their focus to growth!

Crosby Plumbing is located in Kansas City and focuses on high-quality work with excellent customer service. As with any progressive small business, Crosby Plumbing has been growing rapidly. However, with success came greater challenges. Without adequate software, management began to get bogged down. Service information was recorded in multiples places and ways before team members were aware of new orders or scheduling changes. With a growing list of customers came a growing need for communication and organization. They brought in Plexus to replace a number of programs and apps. Our business process experts and developers dug deep into the plumbing world and designed an all-new "Plumbing Focused" process. This new method saved the Crosby team time and money, allowing them to get that lean, mean, and agile "Ma and Pa" feel with a "Big Business" level of professional software, to better serve their customers! No more double, triple, or quadruple data entry. Their data is stored and managed securely and efficiently, accessible from any device and anywhere. With less time spent in the weeds, Crosby have turned their focus to the big picture and can spend more of their time growing the company.


A Streamlined Process in Front of Customers and in the Back Office.

Plexus and our team of business consultants have helped Crosby Plumbing streamline their process while working with customers. The new Plexus process allows them to serve customers more effectively and efficiently, which makes for happier customers. These new processes also allow the back office to run smoother and with less stress and risk of losing information. A strong foundation with Plexus means happier customers and a better bottom line.


No more Scheduling Confusion.

An easy to read schedule enables office employees to see where and who has openings along with service technicians to effortlessly see their schedule for the day. Order management also allows office staff to be able see how each service employee's day is progressing. Plexus' scheduling, along with crew member email and text alerts, has allowed Crosby Plumbing to easily get to the right customers at the right time - every time.